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August 25th, 2016 by J

It’s not just those exercise machines that keep fitness model, Gina Carano, fit and fab. She has one secret machine that she uses everyday that she swears by, that has all what she needs to work out those muscles to stay healthy and gay. She’s got her personal fuck machine, which stretches her muscles pretty good and make her squirm in all angles, way better than doing routine stretches and squats at the gym. She’d bang that pussy good ’til she spills her juice all over!

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Gina Carano flashes juggs and twat

April 11th, 2016 by J

Who says that toned fitness models like Gina Carano don’t have a softer sensual side to them? Here she is in stockings and sexy lingerie while flashing her breasts and wet pussy for the cam. Not really breaking rules but wanted to break your balls and snap your dick in two because of her hotness.

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Gina Carano Topless!

August 16th, 2010 by gina

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Yep,we knew it was only a matter of time. Smoldering hot Gina Carano has finally taken her top off to appear on the cover of ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue! Now all MMA enthusiasts can rejoice because Gina, who was ranked #3 female fighter in the world according to the Unified Women’s MMA Rankings, is letting her hair down and shedding off some clothes. The fuckable mixed martial arts fighter, who appeared as the Gladiator “Crush” on American Gladiators and has been referred to as the “Face of Women’s MMA”, is considered the hottest thing to have come out of the world of Mixe Martial Arts. And now she’s showing off her sexy body! To see more hot and sexy Gina Carano photos, click on the link. And oh, is that a cameltoe I see?!

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With that undeniable sex appeal of hers, Gina has also taken up acting. She stars in the cult film Ring Girls. Based on true events, Ring Girls is a fast-paced story about five fucking hot women from Las Vegas who take on the ultimate challenge of fighting the best female Muay Thai fighters in the world. Gina, who was ranked #16 in the latest Maxim’s Hot 100 list, is still not used to being seen as a sex symbol, she says: “I don’t even know what a pin-up girl is, and I’ve never called myself a pin-up girl or done anything to try to depict myself in any way other than as a woman who likes to be attractive but who also likes to fight.”

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This gorgeous hottie was voted “Hottest Woman In America” by Big Biz Magazine; and “Gina Carano” was the fastest-rising search on Google just a short time ago and is third most searched person on Yahoo! If you want to see more of this hot martial arts babe, check out Gina Carano naked photos.

Gina Carano’s Hot Maxim Pictures

April 20th, 2010 by gina

If you think you’re the only one who spends a lot of free time ransacking the world wide web for naked pics of this hottest little thing that ever happened to MMA, dude you’re clearly mistaken. We are both on the same mission. Gina Carano, also known as ‘Crush’ inside the fighting ring has brought many to their knees. Although in my own private world where the sex arena is my bedroom, it’s always the other way around. Her sweet girl-next-door face, athletic physique and striking confidence makes her a complete knockout!

Lately, there have been rumors circling around that Hugh Heffner is offering her a spread where she basically just spreads her meaty thighs and shows her immaculate knockers and punani to the world. Well man, I know it sucks ‘coz we can’t have everything. The last I’ve heard is that she’s not up for the naked exposure or the benjamins. What a loss! It would’ve been one of the hottest issues Playboy has ever released. Last week, my prayers were answered. Well, almost. This is what I’m talking about! Gina Carano looking mighty hot in the pages of Maxim! Well damn, if this is the closest to her stripping her clothes off then I don’t have any complaints. Mr. Long Nose approves.

Controversial lesbian party photos of Gina Carano

September 8th, 2009 by gina

This maybe considered as one of the most controversial moments in her life as MMA superstar and former American Gladiator Gina Carano was seen in several leaked photos during a party with friends and it was noticeable in some of the pictures that Gina was caught getting “playful and intimate” with fellow MMA fighter Tonya Evinger whom the former had defeated during one of their matches in which Gina won her first career win via submission. Many of those who have seen the controversial photos tagged the entire festivity as one wild and hot “lesbian night party” and guys could only wish that there was more to these photos than just teasing and getting playful with each other all-night long… and hopefully without their clothes on!

But in any case, we happen to have gathered these controversial lesbian party photos of Gina Carano and Tonya Evinger and if these samples can get you all crazy and stiff underneath, wait ‘til you see the entire set we have for you and all you have to do is click here and visit Gina Carano Nude right now!

Sexy and revealing pictures of Gina Carano

September 8th, 2009 by gina

Her love and total dedication for martial arts is truly amazing and Gina Carano had showed the world that nothing’s too tough or hard for a woman to get herself into and now she’s been tagged by MMA enthusiasts everywhere as “The Face of Women’s MMA.” And it is quite nice to know that this toughie can be a softy and so she decides to throw away her gloves and MMA outfit for a while and shed off some skin to pose for Maxim magazine and Gina is simply oozing with sizzling sex appeal and these sexy and revealing pictures of her is enough to make any guy stop dead on their tracks and get all sweaty with the sexy side of this former American Gladiator babe.

We have gathered these steamy photo shoot images of Gina and she sure is hot as hell with all those sexy and provocative poses that will make you drooling and wanting for more! So get that mouse moving and click here for your daily dose of hot images of Gina that you can find only at Gina Carano Nude.

Gina Carano posing naked for Playboy magazine?

September 8th, 2009 by gina

There have been rumors circulating about MMA superstar Gina Carano who have been approached by Playboy magazine and asked if she could pose nude for the said publication. Though it hasn’t been confirmed that she had already accepted the offer, the entire cyberspace is crawling with news and links about those elusive photos and we did some little research on this and eventually we came up with several images of the former American Gladiator member posing nude and so we decided to get those photos and have them in our collection. Guys everywhere just couldn’t wait for Gina to show up on the cover and in the pages of Playboy displaying her naked self while exposing her tits, ass and pussy for the first time!

Although I’m really not much of a fan of Gina but I will surely be on the lookout for those photos and find out for myself what this hot and tough babe has to offer for all of mankind. And if you want to see more sleazy stuff from this chick, click here or visit Gina Carano Nude today and check out our treasure trove of goodies we have exclusively just for you!