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Gina Carano’s Hot Maxim Pictures

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

If you think you’re the only one who spends a lot of free time ransacking the world wide web for naked pics of this hottest little thing that ever happened to MMA, dude you’re clearly mistaken. We are both on the same mission. Gina Carano, also known as ‘Crush’ inside the fighting ring has brought many to their knees. Although in my own private world where the sex arena is my bedroom, it’s always the other way around. Her sweet girl-next-door face, athletic physique and striking confidence makes her a complete knockout!

Lately, there have been rumors circling around that Hugh Heffner is offering her a spread where she basically just spreads her meaty thighs and shows her immaculate knockers and punani to the world. Well man, I know it sucks ‘coz we can’t have everything. The last I’ve heard is that she’s not up for the naked exposure or the benjamins. What a loss! It would’ve been one of the hottest issues Playboy has ever released. Last week, my prayers were answered. Well, almost. This is what I’m talking about! Gina Carano looking mighty hot in the pages of Maxim! Well damn, if this is the closest to her stripping her clothes off then I don’t have any complaints. Mr. Long Nose approves.